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CNBM's Ma Jianguo Inspected the Neijiang Company
時間:2014/6/30 11:11:15

On June 24th, Mr. Ma Jianguo, the Vice President of CNBM, inspected CNBM Neijiang  Company for work safety and progress of project. Mr. Ma's inspection was accompanied by Mr. Xing Ning and Mr. He Qiang.

During the inspection, Mr. Ma visited the exhibition hall and the coating line workshop, and listened carefully to the report on recent work of safety and project implementation. Mr. Ma spoke highly of the hard work of Neijiang company and hoped that Neijiang company can develop more products of high technology.

CNBM(Neijiang) Glass Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.    Production sales: zhang clouds electricity words: 0832-5632221 5632388
Address: Zizhong Industrial Park, Zizhong County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, China. Fax:0832-5632230
    Tech support: DAL
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